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The free solution that lets your employees get paid when they need it

Your employee’s financial stress is costing you more than just turnover. Save your employees from cycles of debt and keep the talent you have.

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Eliminate the need for pay advances

Watch employee productivity and satisfaction skyrocket

Get ahead of your competition and recruit competitively

Your employee’s financial stress is costing you money

Financial stress is impacting 9 out of 10 employee’s performance at work. This means the quality of your employee’s work is being compromised and robbing your bottom line.

Companies who offer RapidWage save employees from cycles of debt

Employees are resorting to high interest loans, credit card debt, borrowing money from family, over drafting bank accounts and borrowing from retirement in between paychecks. Give them a better solution: immediate access to the wages they have earned.

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How RapidWage works

A solution that does the work for you

1 | Work day ends

Employee completes work day and clocks out using normal process

2 | Connect

Data flows seamlessly through our standard payroll and time tracking connections

3 | Verification

Our AI compares employee shift history with new work log items to verify work so that there is no additional administrative burden

4 | Access

Employees have access to their earned wages and RapidWage sends money to their preferred bank account

5 | Reconcile

Our system provides transparency by writing deductions into the payroll system for the next payday

6 | Reimbursement

Similar to healthcare and other benefits, RapidWage is paid back automatically through the payroll process

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Stay ahead of the recruitment game with RapidWage

We know how it goes when you use benefits to recruit talent: paid time off, work from home flexibility, and so on. But are you offering the game-changing benefit of on-demand access to earned pay?

Offering RapidWage to your employees

We do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to



Begin onboarding

Sign your contract to begin the onboarding process.

You will have a dedicated RapidWage team member to guide you each step of the way.



Get connected

We seamlessly integrate with your payroll and time tracking systems so you don’t have to change your current workflow.

We already connect with most major payroll and time tracking systems.



Launch RapidWage

It’s time to go live and bring your employees the life-changing benefit of RapidWage.

Our customer success and marketing teams will equip you with all the launch materials you need for success.

Turnover is costing you as much as financial health is

Read the report by our American partner Immediate on the financial health of the American workforce, and what employers are doing to support it.

The unseen costs of financial stress in the workplace